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Ahithophel: (873-840 BCE) An advisor to King David renowned for his sagacious advice, a great Torah scholar who later abandoned the path of Torah. Ahithophel was a key protagonist in Absalom's revolt against David. He committed suicide upon realizing that the revolt would fail. According to the Midrash, Ahithophel was Batsheba's grandfather.
Learning Pirkei Avot on Five Levels
One who learns from his fellow…a single law…must treat him with respect. For so we find with David, king of Israel, who did not learn anything from Achitofel except for two things alone, yet he called him his "master," his "guide" and his "intimate"… (Eth...
Parshat Korach
The final paragraph of the Mishnah states: “Great is peace, for G‑d found no other vessel for [His] blessings other than peace.” Meaning that G‑d only sends His blessings to a family, community, country, etc., if it is in a state of peace.
A biblical history of the Jews
The events of King David’s later years, starting with the famous story of his relationship with Bathsheba. We also learn of the rebellion of his son Absalom. The class ends with the anointing of David’s 12-year-old son Solomon as his successor.
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