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Census of the Israelites

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"Take the sum of the entire congregation of the children of Israel. [Include in this census all of those] from twenty years old and upwards, according to their paternal houses, [i.e.,] all who are fit to go out to the army in Israel." Classic QuestionsWhy...
Korach's sons, however, did not die. Classic Questions What happened to Korach's sons? (v. 11) Rashi: They were the first to get involved in the conspiracy, but during the dispute they had thoughts of teshuvah (repentance) in their hearts. Therefore, a se...
This week's parshah tells of the census taken of the Jewish people. A census places everyone on an equal footing. Somebody on the highest spiritual levels is counted equally to somebody on a "lower" level, with nobody taking priority over anybody else. Th...
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