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Census of the Israelites

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However large the group you lead, you must always communicate the value you place on everyone.
Question: It is that time of year again. We will be beginning the Book of Numbers, and during this week’s Torah reading in the synagogue we will hear verse after verse of numbers: 46,500 for the tribe of Reuben, 59,300 for the tribe of Simeon, and so on. ...
In the eyes of G-d, counting Jews is far more than keeping score; it is, rather, His way of telling each and every one of His children: “You matter to Me. You’re not just a number. You’re on My speed-dial.”
Who defied Pharaoh's decree and risked their lives to carry, give birth to and nurse these children? Now that the children are to be counted, the mothers are no longer noteworthy?
It may be tempting to claim a deferment from duty, but the truth is that when fighting G‑d’s fight, everyone is a professional soldier.
Where I live, it happens once every five years. They come knocking on your door asking for your completed census form. Who are these people and what do they do the other 59 months?
Why so many numbers in the Book of Numbers?
A census achieves two contrary aims. By focusing on the total sum, it asks the individual to suspend his individuality; at the same time, it compels him to ask himself if he is worthy of contributing to the total...
How many of us say, “Don’t rely on me,” or, “Don’t count on me”? But we all count. And, yes, we do count on you.
Couldn’t He have let them hang out in the Bahamas instead? Or at least some nice vacation spot along the Red Sea and let them do a little scuba diving?
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