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Health and Jewish Tradition
Does Judaism have anything to say about eating healthy and being healthy? Actually, Judaism has always been well ahead of the times in this area.
Food is tremendously spiritual, but it’s also tremendously paradoxical.
Torah, Cardiology and Food, Lecture 3
Examining psychological drivers that govern unhealthy eating habits. Exploring practical examples of motivational and goal setting techniques with a Torah perspective, which individuals can use to better manage their eating habits or exercise activity.
Torah, Cardiology and Food, Lecture 2
A practical look at today's evolving health challenges and the effects of unhealthy eating.
Torah, Cardiology and Food, Lecture 1
Charting the worrying development of health in the USA, examining the causes of the new health epidemic and why healthy eating has taken center stage in recent decades.
Is it wrong that I was inspired by someone's bad example instead of good example?
"I was wondering if being fat makes you a less spiritual person…"
Key principles for health and wellness
A practical and profound approach to health, meant to transform the quality of your life, drawing from the great works of Maimonides.
No more weighing protein on little scales. No more arbitrary deadlines to lose X amount of weight. After I made this decision, I felt ten pounds lighter already!
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