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Wicked Son

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Who invited him, anyways?
That such damnations are unlikely to charm the young man’s heart is a no-brainer. But lousy pedagogy aside, this is the opposite of what we are supposed to be doing tonight.
(by the Wicked Child)
To the Editors of the Traditional Haggadah Dear Editors, While I appreciate your consideration in including me in your work—thereby preserving the spirit of diversity and inclusivity at gazillions of seder tables over the past few millennia—I do have seve...
Behind his wickedness there is a story, a reason why he allowed his innocent soul to become corrupted and his pure mind twisted by lower tendencies. Identify the root cause, and then neutralize it...
What gets me about Schwartz is that he ain't stupid. He has brains, but all he does with them is tickle his own brains. Schwartz' brain stands outside life peering in, like a surgeon examining a cadaver...
Redeeming the Wicked Child of Passover
Based on Likutei Sichot volume 11, Sicha 1. Child X comes to the Passover Seder. Child X sits down with his siblings. He makes kiddush, he washes his hands, eats the greens dipped in salt water and dutifully asks the Four Questions. Then Child X asks, “Wh...
Wicked children and post-modern parents
From reading the Passover text it seems that the wise child and the wicked child pose the same question.
Part 1: The emphasis on asking questions
Rabbi Chaim Miller shares beautiful insights into the haggadah that will capture the interest of everyone around your Seder table. In this segment he explores the significance of asking questions at the Seder.
Peel away the layers of the “wicked” child and the question is quite chilling. It is not a condemnation of what we are doing. It is a condemnation of what we are not doing.
I am a wicked person, he's declaring. I enjoy food, I live in order to indulge in the pleasures of the world. It makes perfect sense for me to be a part of this grand feast... but what does it have to do with you guys?
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