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Seder, the

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Seder, the: (lit. “order”); the order of service observed at home on the first night (first two nights in the Diaspora) of Passover. Plural: Sedarim.
Is there anything inherently holy about the act of eating? Not just what we eat, but how? Jewish life is filled with opportunities to gather around the table and break bread (and latkes, cheesecake, brisket, you name it!) In this last installment of Food ...
The Passover Seder Explained, Lesson 2
Stripping a slave of his oppressive master is only the beginning of the liberation process. True freedom springs from the personal appreciation of one's own unique nature and purpose. Utilize this holiday to refocus on acting upon the mission that is dist...
The Passover Seder Explained, Lesson 3
Life begins outside of your comfort zone. What are your personal ‘Egypt’ limitations? Pesach is the quantum leap breaking out of your ‘Egypt’ restrictions. Both feet are off the ground, and you end up in a completely new position. The Exodus needs to be a...
The Passover Seder Explained, Lesson 4
Why does the Torah require us to perpetually retell, re-experience and re-taste the Egyptian slavery and exodus? Why can't we finally put the 3,300-year-old trauma behind us? Because freedom (like most valuable things) requires work to earn and maintain. ...
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