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Seder, the

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Seder, the: (lit. “order”); the order of service observed at home on the first night (first two nights in the Diaspora) of Passover. Plural: Sedarim.
As more and more people find themselves home, Passover prep begins
With people staying in place to celebrate Passover with immediate family only, in accordance with government guidelines for the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the number of Seders taking place around the world will be greater this year than ever...
An ambitious project for Seder leaders and participants alike
Why is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadahs? The Passover Haggadah has seen more editions than any other Jewish book in history. Yet the recently released Haggadah, which is faithful to tradition, effortlessly accessible and refresh...
In 1948, almost nobody in L.A. knew about shmurah matzah; now everybody wants it
Second in a two-part series about about the dramatic growth in the use of handmade shmurah matzah in the last 60 years. The first article in the series, “How a New World of Consumers Discovered Handmade Matzo,” is here. It’s safe to say that when the piou...
Traditional shmurah matzo was still a rarity in post-World War II New York
First in a two-part series about the dramatic growth in the use of handmade shmurah matzo in the last 60 years. The second part, “Bonanza in a Box: How a Passover Tradition Became a Hollywood Hit,” is here. There’s nothing more pleasant on a cold New York...
A shmurah matzah route stretches from New England all the way to the White House
LONGMEADOW, Mass.—The modest Colonial’s garage doors roll up to reveal hundreds of pounds of handmade shmurah matzah stacked up in cardboard boxes. Rabbi Noach Kosofsky and his son, Rabbi Lavy Kosofsky, haul down a few of the bigger ones and transfer thei...
Students at the University of New South Wales in Australia enjoyed a model matzah bakery days before the onset of Passover.
President George W. Bush inscribed a special edition Passover Haggadah with greetings to troops in Iraq in an Oval Office ceremony proclaiming Education and Sharing Day, USA. American Friends of Lubavitch coordinated the Haggadah's shipment to soldiers se...
The central Chabad-Lubavitch library in New York posted 1,000 Passover Haggadahs online, some of which are the only copies in the world.
Rabbi Nechemia Vogel has been teaching children and adults alike about the intricacies of matzah baking for 26 years.
For recovering addicts, the four cups of the Passover Seder can represent enslavement instead of freedom. A Sober Seder run by a Chabad House in Los Angeles will give them the opportunity to celebrate the holiday without the fear of relapse.
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