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Seder, the

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Seder, the: (lit. “order”); the order of service observed at home on the first night (first two nights in the Diaspora) of Passover. Plural: Sedarim.
A Practical Guide
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman presents tried and proven ideas, gimmicks, props and shtick to bring your Seder alive.
The Passover Seder clarifies why there’s no word for history in the Torah.
Watch a brief enactment of the fifteen steps of the Passover Seder.
Matzah, Maror and the 4 Cups talk about themselves, what they bring to the Passover seder, and their childhood experiences.
Part 2
A step by step guide on how to lead a proper Passover seder
Part 1
A step by step guide on how to lead a proper Passover seder
Discover the deeper dimension of the Passover Seder’s fifteen-part observances, which aren’t merely commemorations of our past, but are keys to our own liberation.
This Passover message empowers us to transform information into inspiration.
We welcome everyone at the Seder and give each individual personal attention, not mechanical responses…
Only after nightfall; the jurisprudence behind it. An evening of wine and blessings; those mandated and those added. Hand-washings, vegetable dipping and a uniquely Jewish nibble; its raison d'être, differing perspectives and the resultant mandated mindfu...
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