Seder, the

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Seder, the: (lit. “order”); the order of service observed at home on the first night (first two nights in the Diaspora) of Passover. Plural: Sedarim.
Digesting Freedom
Egypt. The night before the Exodus. Families sat together, eating matzah and bitter herbs. A then, at midnight, the liberation began. Today, we, their grandchildren,do the same...
Each of the Seder’s 15 phases has not just a body, but a soul as well—a simple meaning as well as a deep lesson towards higher consciousness . . .
Find a nearby public Seder, the Seder in a nutshell, the Haggadah explained, printable Haggadah, the Four Questions in many languages, and more...
From the Rebbe's Talks
A full overview of the seder steps, with inspiration and insights linked from each step
A Practical Guide
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman presents tried and proven ideas, gimmicks, props and shtick to bring your Seder alive.
A Royal Feast
The ingredients of the Seder Plate and Seder preparation tips.
A three-part series about the mechanics, mindfulness, nuts and bolts of the Seder’s legal intricacies so that everything gets done right!
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
Make your Passover experience more meaningful and discover the special significance behind the items on the Seder table.
Learn classic commentaries on the Pesach Seder
Watch a brief enactment of the fifteen steps of the Passover Seder.
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