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Seder, the

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Seder, the: (lit. “order”); the order of service observed at home on the first night (first two nights in the Diaspora) of Passover. Plural: Sedarim.
Digesting Freedom
Egypt. The night before the Exodus. Families sat together, eating matzah and bitter herbs. A then, at midnight, the liberation began. Today, we, their grandchildren,do the same...
Find a nearby public Seder, the Seder in a nutshell, the Haggadah explained, printable Haggadah, the Four Questions in many languages, and more...
From the Rebbe's Talks
A full overview of the seder steps, with inspiration and insights linked from each step
A Practical Guide
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman presents tried and proven ideas, gimmicks, props and shtick to bring your Seder alive.
A Royal Feast
The ingredients of the Seder Plate and Seder preparation tips.
A play by play of the Seder so you can lead it like a pro.
An easy to follow guide how to make a Passover Seder all on your own.
The Passover Seder clarifies why there’s no word for history in the Torah.
A three-part series about the mechanics, mindfulness, nuts and bolts of the Seder’s legal intricacies so that everything gets done right!
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