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Reclining during the course of the Seder

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The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 2
This Talmud class analyzes the reclining position assumed during segments of the Seder observances. Why is body positioning even an issue; is it mandatory or an optional form of self-expression? We’ll discuss who is included in this halachic responsibilit...
Reclining at the Seder, Part 1
A close analysis and contextualization of the Rebbe’s gloss on "he'seibah"
It was the custom of ancient royalty to recline on the left for two reasons: a) Food is normally held in the right hand. Leaning toward the left leaves the right hand free. b) Leaning on the right is a choking hazard. It can prevent the epiglottis from co...
On the Passover Seder nights we attempt to relive the feeling of liberty and freedom our ancestors experienced when leaving Egypt. One of the ways we accomplish this is by reclining on our left sides when eating the matzah and drinking the wine. In ancien...
What unique power does the night of Pesach hold that it can inspire even the most distant soul and touch even the most stubborn skeptic?
Reclining at the Seder, Part 4
The implications of different understandings of ‘heseibah’ for when we should and shouldn't recline.
Reclining at the Seder, Part 3
The Rebbe's gloss as a redefinition of "he'seibah," explaining why it isn't practiced by women
Reclining at the Seder, Part 2
An overview of a Halachic discussion spanning the centuries and leaving ambiguities unresolved.
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