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Ego & Selfhood

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My Lesson in Faith
I berated myself, did a self critique that led to assassination of my character and driving skills and I also bargained with G‑d. However, I never once praised Him or thanked Him for averting disaster...
The doctor keeps recounting his good deeds. The rabbi keeps insisting that he does the exact same thing . . .
“Will I be able to do my job?” the Evil Side asked. “Will people really listen to me?”
"I stand here and wonder," mused the Chasssidic master, "how such a small rock could puff itself up till it became such a big mountain!"
Chavi and her husband were dumbstruck. They had realized that the unit was positioned outside, over her garden, but it had never occurred to them that it might disturb her . . .
He imparted a lesson not through speaking, but by listening to a story, a story he knew firsthand...
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