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Ego & Selfhood

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Fighting your ego is like trying to think about nothing: the harder you try, the further you get from your goal
I am constantly feeling undervalued and unappreciated at my job. I have a great position with a lot of freedom, which intellectually would seem to suggest that they are happy with me and my work. Yet continuously I feel that I am being marginalized and un...
Question: I'm struggling with the balance between being nice and being a doormat. Just yesterday, I allowed someone to intimidate me into not wearing a kippah in public. Afterwards, I felt bad and vowed to be tougher. I sure was. That night, I got upset a...
Lessons From the Belly Button
Why are parents so much more devoted to their children than children are to their parents?
Some of my friends complain that I always drop them if something better comes up. How do I stop attracting people who are narcissistic and self-interested, and more importantly, how do I stop being that way myself?
Question: I'm a 34 year old Jewish woman who has just started keeping Shabbat. My non-observant but proudly Jewish mother constantly complains about that fact. Interestingly, I have never heard her complain about the fact that my brother converted to anot...
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