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Artist’s Statement: Tiberias, Israel.
Artist’s Statement: I dedicate this painting to single mothers. ”Your children will be like olive plants around your table.” (Psalms 128)
By Sarah Stone
Artist's Statement: Sometimes logic pulls us in one direction whereas intuition and emotion tug us in another. While not meant to be narrative, this can be interpreted as that kind of an inner conflict. There are straight lines and abstract, organic shape...
Here is a painting of girls and women dancing at a traditional Jewish wedding celebration in New Square, New York.
Artist’s Statement:Mazal Tov to all brides and grooms! May this painting bring good fortune to all Jewish girls and boys who are seeking their other half.
Artist’s Statement: I remember the real Jewish shtetls of Russia. This is my Zaidy and Bubby near the little shtetl where I was born. Where are you now, my little shtetl . . . ? Only in my dreams and my paintings . . .
Artist’s Statement: How do I show in a painting my love for the old house where I was born? This two-hundred-year-old house in a small shtetl in Russia, which was home to several generations of my family, comes to me in my dreams. I can see the smoke comi...
Artist’s Statement: A Jewish couple under the chuppah, shaped as the trunk of a tree which represents their life together, sustained by the Torah and mitzvahs they’ll live by.
By Tova Raeburn
Artist’s Statement: The reuniting of two neshamas is an awe-inspiring, cosmic event and, on a deeper level, symbolic of the bond between G-d and the Jewish nation.
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