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Isn’t marriage between man and woman a violation of the laws of kilayim, which prohibit the intermixing of divergent species?
The Rebbe asked for a chair, ordered the Raza to stand on it, and asked him, “Tell me, who’s taller now?”
You shall not see your brother's ox or sheep going astray and ignore them; rather, you should restore them to your brother… And so you shall do with every lost thing of your brother - you may not remain oblivious (22:1-3) When Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch wa...
The weekly reading that speaks of Noach, as interpreted in Chassidus, contains several psychological insights which are highly relevant today. As we all know, the best psychology is found in the Torah (because HaShem is the best psychologist; as the Torah...
Dina is sixteen years old, and it seems like everyone in her life is always trying to change her.
In each person you meet, there is something uniquely wondrous.
To someone who wrote that he was “bringing close those who are distant,” the Rebbe responded: Who is to decide who is close and who is distant? Instead, approach each one as though you were an emissary of the King of kings of kings, sent to speak with His...
Conceit of the People, Their Punishment, Nimrod
A chassidic businessman came to my grandfather. This was a man who always kept Gates of Light and The Gate of Faith in his breast pocket, and was fluent in both.
Moses, my master, annihilate them (11:28) "Annihilate them" - Appoint them to a position of leadership, and they will deteriorate of their own accord… - Rashi's commentary After the passing of Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, the elder chassidim gathered and de...
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