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When it is winter and it's freezing cold, there are two things one can do: One can build a fire, or one can wrap oneself in a warm coat
Isn't that what happens every time we get angry -- at a stranger, at a friend, at a loved one? We're not truly angry at them, but at the person we think they are...
Proudly the rich man described to the Chassidic master his one daily meal, in which and ate and drank nothing more than bread with salt and a jug of water
"Take these and run to Umschlagplatz. Run! Tell the kapos that your daughter is among the captured. This is an unwritten law among us -- no snatching of policemen's children"
"Quite a change, is it not?" said Abraham with a pleased smile on his face. "Yes, quite a change," the Rebbe sadly replied
When two Jews get together and one tells the other what ails his heart, the result is two G‑dly souls taking on a single animal soul.
But now he was about to do the unthinkable. He was going to ask his Rebbe to bless him that G-d should send him a comfortable livelihood...
Rabbi Pinchas raised his eyes. There stood the first of the Ushpizin--the honored guest for the first night of the festival--outside the door of his sukkah...
The sole method we had for giving blood was a direct transfusion from one person to another.
Once upon a time in a small city in Midwestern America, there lived a very kindly and generous rabbi named Rabbi Shmotkin
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