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Bracha Mirsky

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Bracha Mirsky is a mother of triplets and twins, a Registered Nurse and labor Coach, and a Certified Parent and Infant Consultant, who has a unique ability to see "parenting complexities" from a multitude of angles. Bracha can be reached via her site:
Your child’s frustration is not because of things he cannot tell you, but because he has learned by observation that this “act” of frustration will keep you engaged.
If you have a positive attitude and are grateful for things, wonderful – but how are your children going to pick up on this unless you are able to articulate it or use it in some observable way? Therein lies the difficulty… how do you show appreciation?
My daughter has gone to stay with her grandparents after another row between us. She is 16 and I am a non-supported single parent. Our relationship has been fraught, to say the least, over the years and I have said very hurtful things to her...
I get no cooperation from my older son, which means no cooperation from my younger son, who is fond of imitating his big brother. I hate having to raise my voice before leaving the house instead of spending it happily with my children...
As my daughter entered into her teen years, she became so consumed with her wants and needs! We are constantly giving to her, but she refuses to contribute to the family unless there is something in it for her.
My child is having a very difficult year in school. His teacher's style is very rigid, whereas my child has always thrived in a freer, more creative type of atmosphere.
My two-year-old is constantly throwing his food on the floor. I have tried praising him when nothing is thrown and making him pick up what he throws, but he continues to do so. Help!
I love my children. But every once in a while, I just feel that motherhood is an endless string of tedious, monotonous and un-intellectual activity, which ends at the end of an exhausting day only to begin once again the very next morning...
My seventeen year old can be very moody. There are time when he is wonderfully accommodating but other times the slightest request will make him sullen, disrespectful and irritated. Do I just ignore these outbursts?
Can I teach my child to be more organized? She's just a total mess! She's very bright and capable, but procrastinates with all her responsibilities...
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