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Economy, The

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To what degree should markets be regulated? To what degree must the community cater to the needs of the destitute? These questions are already debated in the Talmud. An interesting ruling by Maimonides, together with Philip Wexler's recent discussion of t...
An interesting look at how various laws concerning the Sabbatical and Jubilee years affect economics.
Life Lessons from Parshat Noach
Rabbi Gordon shares inspirational Torah insights on the weekly Torah portion with practical life lessons.
Over the last few days, many of our friends and readers have suffered major financial losses...
Recently, I watched my daughter play "store" with her friend, and she put back some of her groceries because "she just couldn't afford them." It broke my heart.
The global markets are taking us on a roller coaster ride again, but it's far from being fun. Seas of red, then green, then red again. The Dow plummeting, soaring and crashing again. Investors in Chinese stocks and bonds are on a bungee jump, with no tell...
About nine months ago, my husband lost his job. I then started working full time and my husband has taken over some of my previous duties (car pool, dinner prep etc.). Unfortunately, he is becoming more and more angry over it, and extremely resentful...
Why doing business with money is the ultimate spiritual endeavor
Meditation, prayer, mindful eating—those are good. But nothing beats the spiritual transformation that can be accomplished by doing business like a mentch.
Rethinking capitalism, OWS and 7B
Maybe the whole problem with capitalism is the script we're writing for it. Maybe if we rewrote that script, the same forces that are messing up the world would be fixing it instead...
Find ways to fit exercise and healthy eating habits into your day no matter how busy you may be.
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