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You don't think. You run. You have twenty seconds.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
Jewish optimism, idealism and chutzpah -- from the Sderot rocket attacks to Jacob's dream.
Golda didn't know what to say until finally she blurted out in Yiddish, "adank aich far bleiben yidden". Her words spread through the throng like wildfire, and she felt her limp words were a poor mockery of prophetic incantation. "Thank you," she had told...
Suddenly, I understood. They are looking deeper than the PR war. They have given up on worrying about what others thought of them. They refuse to sacrifice their dignity to make others feel sorry for them
Sderot and Beyond
My family and I live in Netivot, ten kilometers from Gaza. Netivot is hooked up to a warning sirent. When the siren rings, it means you have forty-five seconds to go into your safe room or a public bomb shelter...
I held up the heavy rusted tail, and presented it to the sixth grade class. It was in excellent condition with all its fins, and with the screw still attached at the end...
Hundreds of Jewish people from around the world fulfilled the Purim mitzvah of giving money to the poor by contributing to a fund that will help residents of Sderot, Israel, buy food for the upcoming Passover holiday.
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