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Tevet 10 (Fast)

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Tevet 10 (Fast): fast day commemorating the date on which the Babylonians laid siege around the walls of Jerusalem, leading to the eventual destruction of the Holy Temple
What a fast day is really about.
The fast of the Tenth of Tevet commemorates the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem (588 BCE), which culminated in the destruction of the first Temple. It is always observed in the week before or after the Torah reading of Vayigash, which relates the story of t...
The Tenth of Teves commemorates the siege of Jerusalem, the beginning of a series of events that lead to the eventual destruction of the Holy Temple and the Jews’ captivity in Babylonia.
Parsha Vayechi and the Tenth of Teves
The portion of Vayechi contains two (seemingly) conflicting components: the seventeen best years of Yaakov’s life were in Egypt and yet the parsha begins with the narrative of his passing and leading to the subsequent subjugation. The resolution is connec...
On the tenth of the Hebrew month of Teves, Nebuchadnezzar and the armies of Babylon laid siege to the holy city of Jerusalem. This led to the eventual destruction of the first Holy Temple on the ninth of Av.
On the Tenth of Teves in the year 425 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, laid siege around the holy city of Jerusalem. The siege lasted over two years, eventually culminating in the breach of the city’s walls and the destruction of the Holy Temple with...
Meditation for a Public Fast
There is an ancient custom that on a public fast day, the rabbi delivers a special sermon known as "divrei kivushin" (lit. "words that conquer the heart.")
A Metaphor for Exile and Redemption
Before the siege of Jerusalem, G-d commanded the prophet Ezekiel to place an iron pot around a brick symbolizing the city's siege. (Ezekiel 4:3) Iron can be a metaphor for the grave character defect of rigidity or for the deep inner strength of the Jewish...
The Rebbe joins the Chasidim for the afternoon services on the Tenth of Teves fast and is called upon to read the Haftarah.
The Rebbe leads the congregation in the Recitation of slichos during the year of mourning for his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka.
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