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Merkaz Harav Shooting (2008)

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One Year Later--Anniversary of the Mercaz Harav Shooting
Suddenly we became aware of the fact that the souls of these boys were here with us, as we danced with the Torahs dedicated to their memories. The room was electric with their presence.
A reflection on the Merkaz Harav terror attack that claimed the lived of eight Jewish boys.
To my dear friends and family, Daniel and I just got back form paying a shiva call to the family of Segev Avichayil, a young boy murdered in the Merkaz Harav terrorist attack Thursday night. I was expecting a terrible scene of crying and shouting, of blam...
From Tzvi Freeman: The precious souls of eight young Torah scholars were whisked away from us on Thursday night by a cold-blooded terrorist. Eight pure candles of Torah light snuffed by a Kalashnikov. Now there is a void. And we are left to fill it. Let u...
There are no words to describe the mourning and grief; no words to rationalize or explain. Eight young yeshivah boys gathered in a school library cruelly gunned down by beasts disguised as humans. May G-d welcome their holy souls into His loving embrace. ...
Friday morning was a time of grief after Israeli-Arab bullets pierced a relative quiet that had of late descended on Jerusalem. The gunman killed eight students of the Mercaz Harav yeshiva.
The Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area in Stoughton, Mass., is sponsoring a yeshiva-night for members of the Jewish community who have never experienced in-depth Jewish learning.
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