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The Temple Menorah

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The Temple Menorah: The seven-branched gold candelabra in the Temple.
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The Shape of the Branches of the Menorah The menorah is very frequently employed as a Jewish symbol. Nevertheless, the authenticity of the design with which the menorah is usually depicted is a matter of question. For there are several inconsis­tencies be...
A New Interpretation of a Classic Talmudic Question
A Question Left Unresolved By Our Sages In his description of the menorah, the Rambam states: Hilchos Beis HaBechirah 3:1-2. The central shaft of the menorah had four gob­lets, four bulbs, and two flowers.... A third flower was located near the base of th...
Rashi, in discussing the Torah portion of Tzav, quotes the words:Vayikra 6:6. “A constant fire shall burn upon the altar; it shall not be extinguished,” and explains that “the fire about which the verse states ‘constant’ (i.e., the fire upon the outer alt...
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