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The Temple Menorah

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The Temple Menorah: The seven-branched gold candelabra in the Temple.
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Did the menorah have circular or straight branches?
The menorah is possibly the most popular Jewish symbol, yet there’s much confusion as to how it really looked.
The Sages of the Talmud differ as to the positioning of the Menorah in the Holy Temple, whether east to west (along the width of the temple) or north to south (along the temple’s length). This class reveals the spiritual underpinnings of this discussion a...
The Light of the Jewish People
The menorah is symbolic of the indestructible core essence of the Jew. Learn interesting elements of the menorah in the Holy Temple and their mystical significance.
Five on Five—Behaalotecha
How to light up the life of another.
Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5742 · August 19, 1982
Many manuscripts of Maimonides’ Commentary to the Mishna show an illustration of the Holy Menorah in which each decorative goblet on the Menorah’s branches face upward. But Maimonides’ own handwritten sketch of the Menorah shows the exact opposite: They f...
The windows in the Temple were designed to be narrow on the inside and wide on the outside, representing the fact that its purpose is to shine outward and share the light with the rest of the world. The goblets in the Temple Menorah also symbolize this id...
What the menorah teaches us about igniting our own inner light and living an inspired life.
Discover the profound inner dimension of Chanukah and the esoteric miracle that took place during this festival. Explore the underlying progression of the dissemination of Chassidus to the theme of Chanukah, including the advent of public menorahs in our ...
Soul Boost for Parshat Behaalotecha
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