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Ruth, the Book of

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Ruth, the Book of: The book of Tanach recounting the story of Ruth's conversion to Judaism and her marriage to Boaz. In many communities it is read on the holiday of Shavuot.
Study the Book of Ruth
Explore in vivid detail the courageous story of Rut the convert who sacrificed everything to become part of the Jewish People. This text based study of the book of Ruth draws from the classical commentaries and presents its inspirational relevance.
Contemporary Halachah and Shulchan Aruch
"וילך איש מבית לחם...הוא ואשתו ושני בניו...ושם שני בניו מחלון וכליון...וימת אלימלך...ותשאר היא ושני בניה...וישאו להם נשים מאביות...וימותו...מחלון וכליון ותשאר האשה משני ילדיה" “A man went from Bethlehem, he, his wife, and his two sons...the man’s name was...
Artist’s Statement: The famous story of Ruth inspired me to make a set of drawings. This one shows a worried Ruth, sitting at the feet of her sleeping relative Boaz during the harvest season, hoping he will marry her and will take care of her and her impo...
By Shoshannah Brombacher
Artist’s Statement: This painting shows several scenes from Megillat Ruth. I love the way many scenes are presented in medieval miniatures and often do the same in my work.
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