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Components of the Holy Temple

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Why was the ‘Kiyor’; wash basin, used as a preparation for the Kohen’s service in the Holy Temple, placed inside and in the center of the Temple, and not outside, before entering?
The mishkan – the holy sanctuary – contained various sacred articles, but chief amongst them is the Holy Ark containing the two tablets. Join us as we probe the depth of this holy vessel.
Are Jews permitted to go up to the Temple Mount on the other side of the Western Wall? Also, can we build the Holy Temple and/or bring sacrifices today?
Based on Zohar Teruma 153
"You shall make a Table of acacia wood..." Food for the whole world emerges from this table , so it should not be empty even for one moment. There should be food on it, because the blessing is not present in an empty place.
Many are intrigued by the mystery of the location of the Holy Ark. Don’t just rely on Hollywood; discover what the Torah has to say about this.
This class illuminates the special quality of the Temple menorah and the deeper meaning to its required details and design.
This class expounds upon the inner dimension of the mizbeiach – the altar upon which offerings were brought in the holy Temple.
The Holy of Holies housed the golden Ark which contained the holy Tablets. This class presents an in-depth study of this most sacred article – the Aron.
An in depth look at how and where the Menorah was placed in the Temple.
This week's Torah portion commands the Kohanim (priests) about their attire to be worn while serving in the tabernacle and temple. The belt that they wore was made of wool and linen. Is this not violating the prohibition of Shatnez, the mixing of wool and...
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