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Ark, The (Synagogue)

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The aron kodesh (“holy ark”), where the Torah Scrolls are kept, is situated in the front of the synagogue. In the Sephardic tradition, it is referred to as the heichal (“chamber”). The ark is the holiest place in the synagogue. The ark is opened only duri...
The parochet on the aron kodesh
Ever wondered why the ark in your synagogue has two coverings – a door and a curtain?
Parshat Terumah
The synagogues and study halls in the Diaspora are considered “miniature sanctuaries.” For this reason, we find that some of the physical characteristics of the Holy Temple are to be incorporated into the building of a synagogue . . .
By the Grace of G‑d 12th of Nissan, 5734 [April 4, 1974] Brooklyn, N.Y. To All Participants in the Presentation of the Aron-Kodesh On the Occasion of the 11th of Nissan, 5734 Greeting and Blessing: The Presentation of such a sacred and meaningful object, ...
Missing for 100 years, it is now on display in the recently renovated building
The Jewish community of Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia, has gotten to the bottom of a longtime mystery after rediscovering an old parochet—the decorative cover for the ark containing Torah scrolls—that went missing from the synagogue for mo...
You shall keep My Sabbaths and honor My Sanctuary. I am the L‑rd. (Leviticus 26:2) After the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, the focus of Divine service was transferred to synagogues. The most revered part of the synagogue is the aron kodesh, whic...
How to perform the honor of opening the Ark before taking out the Torah.
An Israeli craftsman is helping his Ukraine hometown bring its central synagogue back to its former glory.
After a Muslim woman finds a discarded ark, Jewish congregants join forces with a Mormon family to restore the piece to its former glory.
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