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Splitting of the Sea, The

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When faced with the seemingly impossible, it is beyond logic, beyond nature. You just have to move. You have to know where you need to get, and refuse to let anything stop that . . .
My rendition of the Splitting of the Sea, where the Jewish people achieved faith in G-d and Moses.
Artist’s Statement: The miracles we will see when Moshiach comes will be even greater than that of the splitting of the sea.
Artist’s Statement: In contrast to other images of the parting of the Red Sea during the Exodus, here the viewer is not off in the distance, objectively watching people swarm across... The viewer is there, part of the first group, being asked to make the ...
Artist’s Statement: When the Israelites came to the Reed Sea, G-d required that they show their faith before the sea would split. Nacshon ben Aminadav of the Tribe of Judah walked into the sea, deeper and deeper. When the water reached his neck, G-d split...
Artist's Statement: This is a painting of Nachshon Ben Aminadav who walked into the sea when the Egyptians where chasing the Jews. He continued walking until the water reached his nostrils, then it parted and the nation was able to cross on dry land.
By Natalia Kadish
Artist’s Statement: The splitting of the Reed Sea as the Jews left Egypt.
Artist’s Statement: G-d will split the sea for us!
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