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Splitting of the Sea, The

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Question: Did Pharaoh accompany his army when they went after the Israelites? If so, did he die with them? Answer: We read in Exodus 14 that Pharaoh personally led his army against the Jews. There are differing opinions in the Midrash Mechilta Beshalach 2...
My spiritual life has come to a standstill. Every time I try to take a step forward, I hit a hurdle. I have committed to observing Shabbat, and now I’m having trouble at work. I’ve started keeping kosher, but my family is seriously resisting. It seems my ...
I have friends who got engaged to the first person they ever dated, and are now married with kids. Yet here I am, many years and many, many dates later, and I still haven’t met the right person.
How did the custom of feeding the birds, or eating buckweat come to be? Is it allowed?
Did the women actually sing? And why the musical instruments?
After the great miracle of the Splitting of the Sea, Moses led the Jewish people in singing praises to G‑d. The Torah then describes how Miriam led the women in singing their own song of praise, while dancing and playing musical instruments: Miriam, the p...
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