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Splitting of the Sea, The

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The splitting of the Sea of Reeds is the prototype for all events in history, when G-dliness was made evident: prophecy of sort, a curtain removed, truth revealed.
The spiritual significance behind the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea upon the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt.
When the Jews encountered the red sea and they had the Egyptians closing in behind them, they broke up in to four camps: Where should they go? What should they do?
While others waited at the shore of the Reid Sea, Nachshon walked into the sea and only after this fearless act did the waters split. We too when face with challenges have a choice: we can wait for the dry land before we are prepared to move forward, or w...
Unravel the mystical dimension of three Talmudic opinions on how the Song of the Sea was sung, and its expression in the unity between Moses and the Jewish people.
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