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Splitting of the Sea, The

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As a roadblock, it was a fiction. As a miracle, it became real.
There are no obstacles, only miracles waiting to happen.
A lesson on why the Jews needed to travel through the Red Sea
Dear Rabbi, Why did the Israelites have to pass through the Red Sea? On my map of the Middle East, the route from Egypt to Israel is directly through the desert. The sea is totally out of the way. G‑d led them on a detour, trapping them between the sea an...
The journalists are ready with their poised cameras. Then the veil is drawn aside, and one hears an involuntary gasp from the crowd. The Splitting of the Sea was something like this, and more...
As Jews, we are faced by two different types of enemies; one G-d battles, the other is our responsibility
The Israelites' irrational fear of the Egyptians teaches a powerful lesson...
What, exactly, is a "supernatural" event?
is due to the education of its children
As the sea split, as the hidden world came to light, the core of the soul was also unveiled
The way of G-d is to "journey forth," making this world into a home for G-d.
Lying here in my bed, unable to move or speak, unable to hug or kiss my precious children, I am in a physical Egypt
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