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Michael Chighel

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Michael Chighel (Kigel) received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Toronto for his dissertation on the Book of Job, after a specialization in 20th-century French and German thought. In Canada he taught in the departments of philosophy and of Jewish studies at the universities of York, Queen’s and Waterloo. He produced Passages and Messages for eleven seasons on Canadian television (CTS). Until this year he held the Rohr Chair of Jewish Studies at the Lauder Business School in Vienna, where he taught Torah, European ethics and political economy. He has translated a number of books and published various articles in Jewish thought. Michael and his family have recently made aliyah, and now live in Jerusalem.
Are Human Beings Hardwired for War?
Freud and Einstein on the nature of conflict, and the Baal Shem Tov on man’s inner struggle. The mystical secret is to know that the world is full of mirrors to place the enemy in plain sight.
Wouldn't Your Cat Be Better Off in the Wild?
Cats sometimes show a wild feral side that makes you wonder: Are cats really happy about being domestic animals? Which, by the way, is a question we might raise about ourselves; a question raised by Chassidut.
Matzah, the Bread of Faith
A fun and informative peek into the Torah’s instruction to eat matzah and a deeper taste of the meaning behind the mitzvah.
The Great Sinai Debate
Two sages of the Talmud debate whether the Jews actually saw heavenly thunder at the giving of the Torah.
With an Eye to Heaven and an Ear to the Ground
The double miracle at Mount Sinai tells us when to aim upwards and when to bring it down.
A news report on the Purim events
Near Genocide of Jews in Khuzistan
A whimsical retelling of the events surrounding the Purim miracle – as it would have been reported by newscasters reporting from the Iron-Age.
Dear Friend, You know that stubborn, pugnacious, rebellious little grunt-like feeling that wells up in your gut when you hear the word “Don’t … ” at the beginning of a sentence addressed to you? Have you ever felt it when you read the Ten Commandments—tha...
The Philosopher's Latke
If you love someone because he or she is beautiful, intelligent or kind, who do you really love? A lesson in Jewish commitment to our traditions.
The Essence of Poverty
Don’t Give a Dime
After his studio goes up in flames, artist Yoram Raanan reflects on the loss of 40 years of work
It was only last Monday that I took the bus to Beit Meir, the graceful little mountain-top village 20 kilometers west of Jerusalem, in order to visit Yoram Raanan. Yoram is a new friend, though the kind you feel you have known and cherished for years. Whe...
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