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Bat Mitzvah

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Bat Mitzvah: (lit. “daughter of the commandment”) a Jewish girl who reaches the age of twelve, the age of adulthood in Jewish life, thus becoming religiously responsible for her own conduct; also refers to the event marking this milestone
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Entering Adulthood
If you're a girl aged 11–13, this site is for you. You’ll discover the deeper meaning behind your bat mitzvah; be inspired by powerful Jewish women throughout our history; and, of course, get ideas for creating an awesome bat mitzvah celebration!
I want my daughter’s bat mitzvah to be a beautiful event. But more than that, I want and need her to know that this is not the end of anything; it is just the beginning...
Being that I struggle with grownuphood in general, you can imagine my apoplexy at the fact that our oldest daughter, Nava, is becoming Bat Mitzvah this week. Yup, according to Jewish law, my baby is about to become a woman. Which, I guess, means I better ...
My Daughter's Bat Mitzvah
A young girl's bat mitzvah is a milestone in her life. A milestone that should be imbued with a message that will escort her into her future. This was the goal tonight...
Some 50 boys and girls celebrated their entry into Jewish adulthood in a joint ceremony at S. Petersburg, Russia’s famed Great Choral Synagogue.
I am a young adult woman, not affiliated with any branch of Judaism. I have heard of adults becoming bar/bat mitzvah and am enquiring whether this is possible with Chabad...
A young woman can and should have a bat mitzvah, but it should be a bat mitzvah, not a bar mitzvah. As she is celebrating being a woman, not a man...
Sometimes I wonder at the puny specimens passing themselves off as Bar Mitzvah boys. How, by any stretch of the imagination, can they be described as having reached adulthood?
Unlike the common misconception that a bar or bat mitzvah signifies an end, or the graduation upon the successful completion of a bar or bat mitzvah lesson regimen, in truth it symbolizes a new beginning...
Girls representing five Ohr Avner Chabad-Lubavitch day schools in the Ukraine joined together to celebrate their bat mitzvahs in style.
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