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Benny Rapoport

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Rabbi Benny Rapoport is director of Chabad's Jewish Discovery Center in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. He has lived in the Scranton/Abington area with his wife and family since the fall of 2000.
Vayechi: Family Feud
Unfortunately, it is not totally uncommon to find resentment or bad blood between family members. It almost always starts out small but somehow ends up spiraling out of control. What does Judaism say about family feuds?
Vayishlach: Who Is That Man?
Did you know that Ralph Lauren was born as Ralph Ruben Lifshitz! In this week's ParshahCast we look at another famous Jewish celebrity who also had his name changed. Find out who, and why.
Vayeitzei: The Great Escape
We rush out of work and head to our homes as if we're escaping from a dark prison cell. Does G-d really want us to subject ourselves to this self-imposed daily incarceration?
Toldot: Israel’s Secret Weapon
The Israel Defense Force is one of the most advanced armies in the world. Learn about Israel's secret weapon and discover how you can use it to defend our sacred homeland!
Chayei Sarah: The Merchant of Life
An old Swedish chemist was branded by the media as the "merchant of death" - but managed to change his reputation and create a new legacy of extraordinary goodness.
Vayeira: Your Royal Kindness
Today, many have achieved extraordinary material success unimaginable in times prior and have generously shared their gifts to help those in need. What compels them to distribute so much of their personal income? What causes people -- of any level of affl...
Lech Lecha: Spotlight on the Holy Land
Israel, it seems, is always in the news. Why? What is so unique about the Jewish homeland that draws so much interest from all over the world?
Bereishit: Kosher Capitalism?
Some people have argued that capitalism is legalized greed. Compassion for others is certainly a cardinal Jewish value; but do free markets run contrary to that ideal? What does the Torah say?
Noach: Financial Advice from the Boss
Financial worries and the daily grind of life are the cause of much stress and anxiety. What kind of advice does the Torah have for dealing with economic uncertainties?
Eikev: Iran's Nuclear Idol
After receiving forgiveness for the sin of the golden calf, G-d instructs the Jewish people to make a home for Him on earth: the mishkan. Why was gold so prominently used in the sanctuary if it caused such a grave sin.
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