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Kabbalistic Cosmology
A kabbalistic answer to the age-old philosophical question, "How can a finite creation come into existence from an infinite Creator?" A basic introduction to the esoteric doctrines of "tzimtzum" and "hishtalshelut."
Deep Sea Diving
When you stay connected above, you never really fell below.
Something significant is being hinted at here, otherwise why mention, each time, exactly where the field is and who Abraham bought it from?
Malchuschah: Endless Elevations in Worlds (up to, and including, the arrival of Moshiach)
Seder Hishtalshelus comprises an endless sequential series of worlds providing for an endless series of Aliyos, until the end of time as we know it (the seventh millennium called “Shamos”, devastation in the language of Tehillim). In the words of Chazal: ...
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