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Temple Service, The

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This class details the special centrality and spiritual meaning in offering sacrifices in Temple times.
A Deeper Look at Sacrifices
In the Temple the sacrifices were a central part of the service. What is the purpose of bringing these offerings and what is it meant to achieve?
This class explains in-depth the specialty of the wood used with the korbanos – sacrifices.
In describing G-d’s relationship with creation the Midrash says: The holy one blessed be He, desires a dwelling place in the lowest world. Desire, implies not that the project is unnecessary, rather it is essential to Him.
The Omer offering is brought on the second day of Pesach and the Shtei Halechem offering is brought on Shavuot; what do their differences represent according to Kabbalah?
Halachot of Ta'anit Esther and the Half Shekel that is given to charity on this day
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