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Dathan & Abiram

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Dathan & Abiram: Among the leaders of Korah's mutiny, were swallowed by the earth together with the other mutineers. According to the Midrash, they were persistent trouble makers and rabble rousers. They are also identified as the two quarreling Israelites whom Moses reprimanded in Egypt.
The Eternal Antagonists of the Bible
They were descendants of Reuben, mentioned in the Torah in conjunction with Korah’s rebellion. The Midrash tells us a lot more…
In the portion of Korach, we read about the rebellion of Korach and his cohorts, Dathan and Abiram. At one point, G‑d commanded Moses: “Speak to the congregation saying, ‘withdraw from the dwellings of Korach, Dathan and Abiram.’ ” Then it says: “And Mose...
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