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Parshah Curiosities: Acharei-Mot
This class probes beneath the skin of the Torah’s strange aversion to blood; after all if meat’s kosher, what’s so bad about the red fluid found within? A wide range of vital life sources are analyzed, and their messages are effectively decoded as the pro...
The next time you attend a backyard barbecue and see the meat sizzling on the grill, know that your soul is salivating as well.
There is nothing in Jewish law that would preclude a person from benefiting from a blood transfusion (or donating blood, for that matter). Furthermore, according to Jewish belief, saving a life is one of the most important mitzvot (commandments), overridi...
For the record, I should state that I value moderation. I try to practice it and I teach it to my kids. So when the reporter blurted out, "You're pretty radical!" I took that as a pejorative comment...
There's this wonderful pool of light coming through the window, and beauty in the chaos of white, plastic envelopes awaiting pickup by hundreds of people who, like me, have come to see what was taking place in their innards
It seems to me that in such times we glimpse what it means to do more than simply live, and to truly never die
The shedding of blood damages the Divine Image
The shedding of blood damages the Divine Image
Jessica lost her life, and two other critically ill people will not be receiving the organs used in the attempt to cure her. What can we learn from this devastating mishap?
The dual function of the physical life force can help us understand the two faces of Torah
The sole method we had for giving blood was a direct transfusion from one person to another.
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