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Three steps to use what you read
The struggles we encountered with so many different ideas became a channel for us to understand ourselves and the world around us. It became (and still remains to this day) a means for us to both rise above and contend with the ups and downs of an ordinar...
They were my window to the world. Huge picture windows that let in light and framed myriads of vivid scenes. They brought history into my field of vision, exotica to my eyes, drama to my heart, and vocabulary to my speech. They gave me a sense of relation...
Question: Many libraries stamp their names on the edges of the pages of their books. Is opening or closing such a book considered erasing or writing, and therefore a violation of the Shabbat laws? Answer: Writing and erasing are two of the 39 creative act...
Educational Pathways - Issue #13
It has been said that to teach a child to enjoy books is to open a window to a world of wonder; to the past and to the imagined future. It is to give a child a lifelong gift...
I worry that so many books featuring seriously messed-up families or parents abandoning their children can give kids a skewed vision of life...
It is imperative that in every Jewish community a library be established – a place where books of Torah can be found — simple books for those with a basic knowledge of Judaism, as well as deeper ones for those at an advanced level of Torah study.
Rabbi Meir Wunder was a senior librarian at Hebrew University’s National Library. During the 1960s, he managed the extensive Torah library at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, which inspired him to help found a central organization for Torah libraries (f...
On Tevet 5, we celebrate the Library of Agudas Chassidei Chabad - Ohel Yosef Yitzchak Lubavitch and its position as the communal treasure for all who value the teachings and ideals of Chabad Chassidism. For decades, the library has been open to researcher...
Pillage or Rescue?
How thievery unwittingly led to a renewed interest in French Jewish History.
Hebrew Publishing in the Venice Ghetto and Beyond
The treasured Valmadonna Library, the greatest private collection of Hebrew books and manuscripts in private hands in the world, includes almost five hundred titles published in 16th century Venice.
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