Isaac's Wells

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Isaac (Yitzchok) resembled his father Abraham in many ways. In fact, he looked so much like his father that there could be no mistake in anybody's mind about their being father and son. Our Sages say that G-d fashioned Isaac's face to be exactly like his ...
Parshat Toldot
All Jews are well-diggers, even today. Whatever you do for your physical livelihood and your spiritual livelihood, all depends on digging lasting wells...
Two Modes of the Divine Service Generally, there are two modes of Divine service: bringing down holiness from above and elevating the lower worlds into higher spiritual realms. Our Patriarchs Abraham and Isaac personify these two modes of service. As our ...
Love for G-d is limited by its own size. When we confront an obstacle greater than our love, we need something stronger to catapult us. Isaac's abnegation of self and strict code of obedience shifted his focus from himself onto G-d. Thus he was able to "u...
“G‑dliness is everything” is the path of Abraham. Abraham understood that there is a Truth beyond all truths, an absolute reality, before which no other reality is true. Therefore, he smashed the idols and declared to all people and in all places that the...
Isaac is the second of the patriarchs of the Jewish people. He is most famous for his central role when he was almost offered up as a sacrifice to G‑d
Who was Isaac? Even in Toldot, the only Parshah devoted primarily to Isaac’s 180 years, we are hard-pressed to find some clues to his identity and personality.
What’s the deeper meaning of Yitzchok’s wells and their correlation to the three Holy Temples?
What does well-digging look like in modern times?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Toldot
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