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Light & Darkness

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Have you ever noticed…How a little bit of light…Can chase away a whole lot of darkness?
"Look there, Mommy!" It is mid-afternoon and Sara Leah and I are strolling along the sidewalk. "Yes, honey, I see it. It's a shadow." "It keeps moving." She's pointing and gesticulating. "And, there's you, Mommy." She's pointing again. "But what is a shad...
I find the parallels between protecting ourselves emotionally and the guidelines for protecting oneself physically to be amazingly similar . . .
The Alef Bet meets its ultimate resolution as Miri learns the secret of the returning light--a.k.a. giving upward.
Beneath us was a shadow of absolute blackness, but ahead was a fiery ball, a breathtaking combination of blood reds and seething oranges, casting lighter shades of pinks and mauves around the outward edges of its sphere...
KabbalaToons: Episode XIV
A little light chases away a lot of darkness.
By Rivka Cyprys
Artist’s Statement: Now, more than ever, we see darkness fill our world. But fighting darkness is a tough battle which leaves darkness within. Despair. Yet a little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness. Don't fight darkness, just add light.
By Rivka Cyprys
Artist’s Statement: All of the tragedies we’ve been facing, including the terrorist attacks all over the world that aim to instill fear in our hearts, and grief in our souls, have me wondering—what is all this darkness that is trying to suffocate the ligh...
By Yitzchok Moully
Artist's Statement: A little light dispels darkness. Joy and dancing create inner light. Grab a friend and dance, and watch your darkness melt away.
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