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Light & Darkness

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Why do Jewish holidays begin at nightfall? For example, Purim starts this Monday night, and is over Tuesday night, and that is considered one day.
Question: If you look at Genesis, you will see that G‑d created light on Day One. However, Scripture also says that G‑d created the sun, moon, stars, etc. on Day Four. So what was this light then that was created on Day One? Answer: The Talmud Chagigah 12...
Question: Do Jews place candles on birthday cakes and blow them out? Response: Candles are nice. But some trace the custom of placing candles on a birthday cake to the ancient Greek practice of celebrating the birthday of one of the pagan gods, as reporte...
When you use something physical, it gets “used up” and diminished. With spiritual things, the very opposite is the case
the overwhelming majority of tallits have historically been white, often with stripes. There are a number of reasons for this.
Instead of dropping the match upon a flat surface, should place it down standing diagonally, allowing it to fully burn out.
But I have observed that some boxes of Neronim come with metal “lids,” specially designed to raise the candle above the troublesome spike.
I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn’t get into it, but I would still like to know: what is the story with electric menorahs?
Evil Eye Jewelry and Kabbalah Bracelets
A friend of mine recently got a red string that she wears as a bracelet to ward off an ayin hara (evil eye). Is there any source for this in Judaism, and should I wear one as well?
Why do very religious men wear long black garments only, even in summertime? I mean, doesn't it get sort of hot?
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