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Light & Darkness

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We can't control the issues we face in life. But we can set the perspective.
The Torah does not tell us the exact times when many important events occurred. Nevertheless, we are told that Pharoah commanded the Jews to leave Egypt exactly at midnight on the 15th of Nissan. Further, the Torah narrates the exact moment they actually ...
The key to battling our inner darkness
You’re in a tough battle, fighting for your very identity. Your odds of winning seem slim. What should you do?
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 28
The first blessing of the Shema begins with the notion of forming light and creating darkness (day and night). Also described is the uniquely divine nature of creation and the need for the continuous creative force.
Sometimes we're overwhelmed by the dark challenges of life. They seem insurmountable, the darkness and negativity seem much more powerful than light. Listen to the wisdom of King Solomon and realize the advantage of good and light over evil and darkness.
A Taste of Text—Behaalotecha
Lighting up another means helping to ignite his latent abilities by appreciating his unique role and mission in this world.
Feeling overwhelmed by the darkness in your life? Follow the advice of a young child on how to find the beauty and goodness in everything...
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