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Lamp (11)
The Alef Bet meets its ultimate resolution as Miri learns the secret of the returning light--a.k.a. giving upward.
KabbalaToons: Episode XIV
A little light chases away a lot of darkness.
How metaphysical nature of light helps elucidates the refrense to Chanukah as the "Festival of Lights".
Light and secrets are two opposites. But they're also one and the same
Exploring various interpretations of the light created on the first day and how it differs from the luminaries created on the fourth day of creation, with special attention to Rashi’s commentary as illuminated in nuances found in the manuscripts.
The menorah of the Holy Temple, the Shabbat candles and the Chanukah lights—three movements in the divinely-ordained mission of illuminating all of existence. This class will explore these stages on a historical and personal level.
Sometimes we're overwhelmed by the dark challenges of life. They seem insurmountable, the darkness and negativity seem much more powerful than light. Listen to the wisdom of King Solomon and realize the advantage of good and light over evil and darkness.
Erev Rosh Hashanah, 5741 · September 10, 1980
A Jew’s purpose is to illuminate all the world around him. To “illuminate” does not mean to change the order of creation; rather, light enables one to discern the true nature and purpose of what already is there.
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