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Aliyah: The honor of being called up to recite one of the blessings over the Torah.
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What to do and which blessings to recite when called up for an aliyah at the Torah reading.
A clear explanation of the Torah Reading service in synagogue, how it works, and getting called up to the Torah for an aliyah.
Main Synagogue, 10 Tevet, 5749 · December 18, 1988
The Rebbe receives the Torah scroll and brings it the Bimah to be read. Later he receives the last Aliyah, recites the blessings, and after the Torah is wrapped, recites the Haftorah.
The Rebbe is called to the Torah for an Aliyah during the morning services.
The Rebbe is called up to a new Torah scroll written for Chabad of Springfield, Massachusetts.
The Rebbe is called to the Torah at 770.
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