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Aliyah: The honor of being called up to recite one of the blessings over the Torah.
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The mystics explain that G‑d constantly speaks the words of the Torah. For the moment, the one receiving the aliyah becomes G‑d's mouthpiece—G‑d speaks through him.
Procedure for getting called up to the Torah
In some synagogues it is the custom that the person receiving the Aliyah (the Oleh) wear a Tallit, even if he normally would not. When it is time for the blessing, the reader will show where the Torah reading begins and ends. Touch the beginning and end o...
I have always understood that the word aliyah refers to being called up to the Torah reading at the synagogue. But yesterday, a friend told me that he is making aliyah. He explained that “making aliyah” meant moving to Israel. Could you enlighten me on wh...
Question: At a synagogue I recently attended, I noticed people bidding for the right to be called to the Torah, or as they called it, getting an aliyah. What is so special about an aliyah? Are some more sought after than others? Response: Let's divide you...
Learn to chant the blessings for the aliyah like a pro!
Learn to chant the blessings for the aliyah like a pro!With the Blessings on the Torah Trainer, start by clicking individual words, learning to pronounce them one by one. Then move on to phrases. Finally, follow along with a playback of the entire blessin...
What to do and which blessings to recite when called up for an aliyah at the Torah reading.
A clear explanation of the Torah Reading service in synagogue, how it works, and getting called up to the Torah for an aliyah.
The special significance in receiving an aliyah, the honor of being called up to recite the blessing over the Torah.
A discussion of the different customs regarding wearing a tallit when receiving an aliyah and when leading the prayer services.
In the era of COVID-19, minyanim are being formed in compliance with social-distance guidelines, possibly precluding men from being called to the Torah and standing near the reader. Is it acceptable to recite the blessings on the Torah from afar?
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