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Shaliach Mitzvah (an emmisary dispatched to do a mitzvah)

Knowledge Base » Torah, The » Halacha (Torah law) » Halachic Concepts & Issues » Shaliach Mitzvah (an emmisary dispatched to do a mitzvah)
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The Meaning of Shaliach Mitzvah
I stood outside staring at the dollar bill. I wondered why he wanted me to take his money. He could make a donation himself, right?
Rochel Question: Why is it that Jews give a coin to someone who is traveling? Is the traveler supposed to return the coin when they return? Answer: Our sages tell us "An emissary to do a mitzvah isn't harmed." The exception to this rule is if the emissary...
Must you attend your own wedding?
Explore the underlying principle related to the advantage of personal involvement in the performance of a Mitzvah.
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