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Esther: (a) (4th century BCE) First cousin of Mordecai, selected as King Ahasuerus's queen after Vashti's execution. At Mordecai's behest, she brought about Ahasuerus's annulment of Haman's decree calling for the extermination of the Jews. (b) A common Jewish name.
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I've been a committed student of a Middle Eastern Dance class that meets every Wednesday night, and even though my mind was begging to differ, I knew my body would thank me later. But all I could see was a postpartum pooch shimmying in a baggy tee-shirt.....
The Scroll of Esther tells the story of Purim, but many of the details appear only in the oral tradition handed down through the generations by the Sages.
I am Queen Esther, beloved by all, Mordechai's cousin, of the House of King Saul. We lived in Shushan and children we taught. To love the Torah, fear no one and naught...
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