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The Eternality of Torah

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Make a list of the areas of greatest concern in your life, and for each item on the list, ask yourself the following simple question: Do I look to the Torah as the principal source of guidance in this area of my life?
A book in English from just a few centuries ago is practically incomprehensible to anyone who is not versed in Old English. Yet these ancient scrolls are readable to any child who has attended a Jewish day school
The link to heaven seemed to pass away with Moses; from here on, the people would have to rely on their own analyses . . .
The Bedrock of Belief
I could believe the world was real. But was it possible to know it? What had to be added to that belief in order to convert it into knowledge?
Bamidbar Parshah Report
Itche and Jono ride through the desert on goats. Why? Watch the video and find out . . .
Those Jews standing around him all understood Hebrew, and I seriously doubt that any one of them would have been comforted or impressed to hear it over again in Outer Mongolian or Swahili...
One of the things that I most enjoy about these lecture opportunities is the connection that often develops afterwards with some very special people in the audience.
Cyberspace, outer space, inner space. Genome maps, globalization. Smart cards, smart bombs, stem cells and cell phones. . . . Should we still need to subscribe to an ancient code of laws, when we are so further advanced than our ancestors?
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