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Self Sacrifice

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As we spoke, another passenger approached, stated he was heading to Starbucks, and asked the soldier if he wanted anything. He politely declined. Moments later, another traveler sat next to the soldier. And a repeat of my very questions from his end ensue...
Many brave Jews lost their lives while defending a safe and secure home for the Jewish people. One of those heroes is Roi Klein. The government of Israel is now poised to evict Roi's widow and orphaned children from their home...
The Rebbe taught us that we should thank G-d that today we don't have to sacrifice our lives -- but more than ever we do have to sacrifice our will.
This past Friday, the Reader's Digest magazine announced its "2008 Hero of the Year." Every month the periodical features a heroic individual. At the end of the year, the readers are asked to choose the individual whose heroic act stands out from the rest...
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