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Self Sacrifice

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For the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah, from the teachings of the Rebbe
G-d loves us so much, and he will have compassion and redeem us.
Sometimes self-sacrifice is not as selfless as it's cracked up to be. Whether the perceived gain is eternal bliss or political propaganda, a famous death can look better than an obscure life...
"Binding of Isaac" has come to represent the ultimate in the Jew's devotion to G-d. Every morning, we preface our prayers by reading the Torah's account of the Akeidah; on Rosh Hashanah, when the world trembles in judgment before G-d, we evoke the Binding...
a conversation
Skeptic: Now if that's not the epitome of everything wrong with religion... Believer: Aren't you leaving out a very important part of the story?
What was so great about the binding of Isaac?
Why does an all-knowing G-d need to test anybody? Shouldn't He know what is in our hearts? And why is Abraham's test of faith "the entire glory of Israel and their merit before their Father in Heaven"?
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