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The Rebbe sent him to fetch a pen, and he ended up getting more than he could have expected.
The Maggid announced: "There is a Jew who does not have matzah, and I cannot search for chametz until we find him."
I found out I was Jewish when a girl on my street told me I was a “dirty Jew.”
Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew open a window and knocked over a jug of milk on the sill. It spilled into the large pot of meat that was cooking on the stove.
The fascinating story of a wealthy man who chose to sell everything and build a neighborhood in Jerusalem.
I did my best to build a fortress. I lined my steps with desensitization, boarded up my front door with sins and shuttered the windows with raw hate.
For many years the inn had provided his family a decent living, but recently, the landlord had greatly raised the rent and it was straining his bottom line.
The whole program fell apart, the communal prayer was canceled, and everyone ended up praying as usual in their respective synagogues.
We sit on the porch steps—the night birds singing, the sounds of the cicadas punctuating the air.